At Complete ABA, we strive to bring an emphasis on quality of life to every part of  your child's ABA program.  We do this by focusing on all domains of life.  Our experience as behavior analyst aids in our focus to include programs that are meaningful and functional.  Every program is individualized to meet your child's needs, whether learning to communicate, carrying on conversation, performing self-help skills, or acquiring skills to be successful in a community setting.  We are thrilled to help you meet your child's individual needs!


Additional skills can focus on increasing the speed in which a learner acquires academics or vocational skills.  We teach skills based on individual needs to support their unique school needs.  We also teach work related skills based current skills levels and client interest while working towards employment and future work environments. 

Utilizing the Verbal Behavior approach, our team focuses on increasing communication in a way that is meaningful for the learner.  Our focus on this approach allows us to work with learners as young as 18 months and as old as 18 years, finding functional language goals for all ages.  



Daily Living

Whether teaching shoe tying, folding clothes, or brushing teeth, daily living is important to everyone regardless of skill level. We believe in identifying age appropriate tasks and modifying instruction to make every client successful at caring for themselves.

Building social skills breaks down countless barriers.  No matter the age, developing goals to address deficits in social skills is important. 


​​Complete ABA

Fun activities are important to pass the time regardless of age! Our programs teach prerequisite skills needed for each client to develop age appropriate leisure activities.  Whether working on early imitation to play peek-a-boo, or working towards a game of UNO, each client's program will work towards developing preferred activities.